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Dacotah Centennial Park (DCP) Master Plan

Mandan Progress Organization on behalf of Mandan Rodeo Committee requested the Park District to facilitate a Dacotah Centennial Park (DCP) Master Plan. The purpose of the master plan is to evaluate existing amenities and determine future needs in order to serve the current race track and proposed outdoor permanent rodeo arena to serve the 4th of July rodeo and other equine events. The Mandan Progress Organization committed $25,000 to the study with the sole purpose of constructing a permanent rodeo grounds with expanded seating and a grandstand.


The DCP “Master Plan “ Committee is made up the following individuals:
Bismarck Mandan Stock Car Association: Herb Bargman and Beau Simmons 
Mandan Horse & Saddle Club: Nita Tokach
Mandan Progress Organization: Del Wetsch and Layne Mudder 
Mandan Rodeo Chairman: Jason Mittlestadt
Mandan Soccer/Park Commissioner: Miles Mehlhoff
Mandan Park Commissioner: Wanda Knoll 
Mandan Park District Staff: Dustin Fleck and Cole Higlin 
Community Gardens: TBD