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Southside Master Plan Survey

Mandan Park Board awarded Bartlett & West the Mandan Park District Southside Master Plan in December 2016.

The Southside Master Plan committee met on February 13 with key stakeholders from baseball, softball and tennis and had a public open house on March 13. The committee and stakeholderes discussed;

  • Vehicular and pedestrian access and functionality

  • Surrounding areas

  • Drainage concerns around existing facilities

  • Current programs at the site

  • Site safety

  • Recommendations from recreational user groups

The committee consists of Park District Director Cole Higlin, Recreation Manager Dave Frueh, Assistant Recreation Manager Naomi Erdahl, Park Superintendent Dustin Fleck, Commissioner Wade Meschke, Commissioner Chad Hatzenbuhler, Bartlett and West Wendy Van Duyane and Greg Fesser.

The public is invited to share their feedback in a survey.The public will have until March 31 to provide input. We appreciate your feedback!

For additional information about the project click here or contact Cole Higlin at 701-751-6161.