Fastest Time to Play a Game of Pickleball in all 48 Contiguous States

MANDAN, N.D. – MuchoDeanAero Productions, a leader in aviation adventure and marketing events, announced that two of its Sarasota-based pilots and pickleball addicts, Dean Matt and Shannon Yeager, will attempt to set a Guinness World Record.

“We are excited to have pickleball industry leader Selkirk as our Anchor Sponsor as we fly ourselves and play pickleball in each of the 48 States,” said Dean Matt.  “This Guinness World Record®  attempt, we will showcase the tapestry of who and where pickleball is played across the United States”, said Shannon Yeager. 

The pair plan to play in private clubs, “eatertainment” establishments, public courts, private country clubs, stadiums “where the pros play,” private residences….even on an airport tarmac.  Along their 26-day journey, they will play local “picklers,” celebrities, pickleball professionals and team owners, media figures, mayors, and even a governor or two.

The 48-48-48 Pickleball challenge will be in Mandan at the Mandan Tennis Center on May 14 at 1pm. “We are looking forward to hosting Dean Matt and being a part of his adventure in achieving the Guinness World Record”, said Cole Higlin, Mandan Parks and Recreation Director.

Local media outlets are invited to the Mandan Tennis Center on May 14 to cover this unique Guinness World Record® attempt and to showcase their local fast-growing pickleball community.