Park Board

Board of Park Commissioners meet the second Monday of each month at 5:30pm at the Mandan City Hall.

Meetings can also be viewed live on Dakota Media Access’s website,

Meetings can also be viewed on demand after the original meeting date.
Please visit for details.


Board of Park Commissioners 

Portfolios & Committees

President Wade Meschke

Term Ends 2024

Portfolio: Public Relations, Finance, Human Resources, and Audit


Vice President Miles Mehlhoff

Term Ends 2026

Portfolio: Represent Park District needs for future greenspace and trail development.


Commissioner Jennifer Froehlich

Term Ends 2024

Portfolio: Youth & Adult programs, Facility agreements, and Joint Powers Committee with MPS.


Commissioner Stan Scott

Term Ends 2026

Portfolio: PW & Municipal programming and operations.


Commissioner Layn Mudder

Term Ends 2026

Portfolio: Maintenance of all facilities and Joint Powers Committee with MPS.



Public Communication

A scheduled time for public participation has been placed on the agenda at Mandan Park Board general meetings. The Board desires to hear the viewpoints of citizens throughout the district. Individuals wishing to address the Board are requested to make arrangements with the Board President or the Director prior to the meeting. Comments should be made to the Board and not to individuals in the audience and be related to Park District operations and programs. The Board will not hear personal complaints against any person connected with the park district. Comments must address topics that are on the agenda. If a citizen would like to add a topic to the park board agenda, arrangements must be made in advance with the Director or Park Board President. The Board reserves the right to eliminate or restrict the time allowed for public participation. The Board requests that comments are limited to three (3) minutes or less. Groups of individuals addressing a common concern are asked to designate a spokesperson.

Management (701-751-6161)


Cole Higlin

Accounting Manager

Teri Welch

Recreation/Facilities Manager 

Dave Frueh

Park Operations Manager

Dustin Fleck


Golf Operations Manager 

Garrett Schultz


Marketing & Foundation Manager

Kelly Thomas

Mandan Park District Staff (701-751-6161)

Facility Supervisor

Tyra Watson

Recreation Supervisor

Nikki Scherr

Golf Professional

Brent Weber


Administration Office (701-751-6161)

Casey Johs                 Recreation Supervisor                  

Josh Nachatilo             Accounting/Payroll                       


Golf - Prairie West (701-751-6171) & Mandan Municipal (701-751-6172)

Tony Kalvoda                    Prairie West

John Westereng               Mandan Municipal


Facility/Park Maintenance - (701-751-6169)

Cody Alyea                        Park Mechanic

Dale Barth                         Park Maintenance I

Tucker Beechie                 Park Maintenance II

David Dobier                     Facility Supervisor

Casey Sammons              Raging Rivers & Building Maintenance

Casey Stern                      Park Maintenance II

Kaiden Straabe                 Facility Supervisor

Randy Hopfauf                  Park Maintenance II