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H.A. Kautzmann Park Recommendations

On June 19 we had a Public Input Meeting for H.A. Kautzmann Park.
Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson (KLJ) prepared two concepts for the public to review. Attendees were able to provide input on the concepts. KLJ is recommending the following steps based on the publics input:
  • Remove community garden from concept plan due to concerns for deer / wildlife in the Park.
  • Remove nature path/native prairie area
  • Add full-size tennis court w/ striping for pickleball
  • Add a separate dedicated basketball court. Public input indicated that most did not want this item shared with the tennis / pickleball court
  • Note "potential future splash pad location" adjacent to proposed 24’ park shelter
  • Add an enclosed fenced area for a dog run / dog park
The Mandan Park Board reviewed the "hybrid" concept last night, July 8 and there is no direction made at this time. Direction plans to be made at the July 17 Mandan Park Board Retreat.