Mandan Softball Association

Men’s & Women’s Softball

2017 Mandan Softball Association

The first meeting is Wednesday, March 8 at 7pm at City Hall in Mandan. $300 sponsor fee is due at this meeting.

 Men’s League Schedules

Women’s League Schedules

Current League Standings

Monday 50 Plus

Tuesday Womens

Final Standings

Monday Lower



Monday Upper





Thursday Lower



Thursday Middle



Thursday Upper





Tournament Schedules



Men’s & Women’s Softball

Men’s and women’s softball is organized by the Mandan Softball Association.

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Any questions regarding Men’s & Women’s softball, please call or text Bryan Jones at 426-8704  or email at


2017 Umpires

Anyone who is interested in umpiring men’s or women’s softball in Mandan this summer should contact Dean Berger at 701-471-7392 or e-mail at dberger@bncbank