Dale Pahlke Rodeo Arena

2428 Longspur Trail

Dale Pahlke Arena at the Dakota Community Bank & Trust Rodeo Grounds

Project Description

Providing a permanent home for the annual professional rodeo in combination with other western and equestrian events bolsters Mandan’s claim to being “Where the West Begins”. Upgrades will get Mandan’s rodeo arena back to the stature it once was, allowing the Fourth of July event to grow and remain legendary! City of
Mandan visitor funds are providing a foundation on which to build, but additional support is needed for essential Phase I components.

Grandstands need to be larger and covered to improve the spectator experience. The permanency of the facility, along with ground and equipment improvements, will draw additional volunteers and attract even more top-notch contestants to further enhance the festival.

The Dale Pahlke Arena will feature a ticketing booth, open concept pavilion, digital board, larger arena with improved drainage, new fencing and gates, new announcer stand, audio visual system, 4,000 seat ADA accessible grandstand with covered canopies, open area for the potential to have food trucks, livestock pens, contestant warm-up area, future exhibit hall and a maintenance/storage shed. Dacotah Centennial Park updates will include accommodating ADA upgrades to the bleachers. The Dale Pahlke Arena and the existing Dacotah Centennial Park facility will share the existing parking lot.


  • Bid Project: February 2022
  • Approve Bids: March 2022
  • Construction Begins: Spring 2022
  • Completion: Spring 2023

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Thank You To Our Current Sponsors

  • Dale Pahlke
  • Pahlke Steel
  • Dakota Community Bank & Trust
  • G. Roy Gilbreath
  • Bavendick Family Charitable Fund
  • MDU Resources Foundation
  • Dale and Susie Little Soldier
  • L-H Manufacturing Co.
  • Butler Machinery
  • Northwest Contracting
  • Western Edge Electric
  • Bowers Excavating
  • ICON
  • Prairie Engineering
  • Independent Land Survey and Engineering
  • BEK Communications
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  • Mandan Visitors Fund
  • Bob & Paulette Bullinger & Family
  • Summit Carbon Solutions
  • Fred & Arlene Berger
  • Stan, Rebecca Sayler & Family
  • Eide Ford Mandan
  • Erica & Jennifer Grove
  • Bobcat of Mandan
  • Inland Oil & Gas
  • Ivan, Lisa, Isaac Johnson Quarter Horses
  • Puklich Chevrolet
  • William & Teddy Klemetson
  • Bis-Man Stock Car Association
  • Mortiz Sport & Marine
  • Marathon Petroleum Corporation Foundation
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