Mandan Memorial Ballpark

Mandan Memorial Ballpark

501 3rd St. SW

Mandan Veteran’s Memorial Ballpark is the home to the Mandan Braves, Mandan Chiefs, and Mandan A’s, as well as the Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken levels of baseball. Located adjacent to the Stumpf Complex, it is an ideal location for tournament play.




Seating Capacity: 1341 (Grandstand 217, Bleachers 500, Club Level 64, Standing Room Only)

Unique Features: The 26 foot “chain link monster” is located in left field. The scoreboard in right field is in play and if a ball is hit in the 2 foot space between the scoreboard and the foul pole, the hit is a home run.

Press Box: The “best seat in the house” is located on the third base side of home plate.

Media Area: The press box is available for the media.

Umpire Changing Room: This comfortable space for umpires working games at the ballpark includes: air conditioning, hooks for equipment/uniforms, sofa, chairs, refrigerator, sink, and toilet facilities. The umpires have direct access to the playing surface on the first base side of home plate.

Dugouts: Each dugout has ample space for baseball teams. The hooks along the back help organize equipment. The helmet and bat compartments on the home plate side of each dugout should be used to avoid unsafe conditions for players around the dugout. Water jugs/cups or bottled water will be provided by Mandan. The railings in front of the dugouts are designed to help protect, but all team members are asked to pay attention at all times, as foul balls hit toward the dugout can be dangerous. All trash must be placed into trash containers and doors and gates must be locker when leaving.

Batting Cages: The two batting cages brand new as of the Spring 2019 and are located ‘out of play’ down the right field line. For the safety of all players and coaches, management asks everyone in the batting cages should wear a helmet. Coaches are asked to require their players to wear turf or tennis shoes while hitting in the cages. The turf mats will not wear out as quickly if turf or tennis shoes are used rather than cleats.

Bullpens: The two bullpens are located ‘out of play’ down the respective foul line. Each bullpen has two mounds.

Concessions: The concession stand is sponsored by the Mandan Baseball Boosters and is located near the front entrance of the ballpark. A wide variety of items will be sold. All proceeds will be used to support Mandan Baseball.

Restrooms: Located just across from the concession stand near the front entrance of the ballpark.

Ticket Window: Located next to the restrooms near the front entrance of the ballpark. During tournaments this is sometimes referred to as ‘gate A’.

Players Entrance: Located behind the first base dugout. This gate is not designed to allow fans in the ballpark. During tournaments, this is sometimes referred to as ‘gate B’.

Parking: Buses are asked to park west of the concession stand, on the grass beyond the outfield fence of the little league diamonds. Cars and any other vehicles are able to park on the small parking lot on the west side of the concession area and also in the large parking lot on the east side of the concession area and south of the ballpark. Fans are asked to remember that foul balls are more likely to land in the parking lot south of the ballpark. The host team, Mandan Parks & Recreation District and Mandan Public Schools are not liable for any damage done to teams or fans vehicles while driving by or parked at Dave Ressler Field at Mandan Veteran’s Memorial Ballpark.

Foul Balls/Bats: While attending a baseball game, fans are asked to pay attention to the game and understand that foul balls or bats may be hit or thrown into the stands at any time. Mandan Parks & Recreation District and Mandan Public Schools are not liable for any damages incurred to fans by flying balls or bats.

Memorial Ballpark Prohibits: Sunflower Seeds, Pets, Tobacco Products, Chewing Gum and Glass Bottles