Universal Playground

100 15th St NE

Universal Playground Grand Opening Video Credit: Cloverdale Foods Company

The playground includes a variety of tactile, visual and auditory experiences, including the following elements:

The playground was designed considering peoples physical, sensory, social, communication and cognitive abilities. The universal playground is made with a rubberized poured in place surface. This surface allows people to use their senses to know ‘safe zones’ when referring to where playground equipment is located. The surface also allows people with wheelchairs to easily access the playground and provides a soft surface if anyone was to fall.

  • Zip line with disc seats and molded bucket seats
  • Unique seesaw with four high-backed seats with a platform and a handle in the middle to allow a large number of kids to experience the motion together.
  • Quiet, cozy dome for kids who need a break from the action.
  • Roller table that encourages kids to engage their arm muscles.
  • Sensory wall that provides a multi-sensory experience.
  • Electronic pulse game that motivates kids to beat a moving light
  • Several fitness components for people of all ages.
  • Sling swings, full bucket swings and molded support swings with pull-over harnesses.
  • Updated version of a traditional merry-go-round that allows easy transfer from a wheelchair.

The multipurpose building and the universal playground is all ADA accessible, including the bathrooms, equipment and floor surface.

Mandan Parks and Recreation believes the universal playground helps build the community. The universal playground would not be here today without the assistance of the sponsors and the community group, Bismarck-Mandan Leadership. Mandan has a destination place for its community members and those outside the area, with Minot having the closest inclusive playground being 110 miles away.

Everyone deserves the right to play!

Universal PlaygroundUniversal PlaygroundUniversal Playground
Universal Playground Multipurpose Building

Thank you to all the sponsors who made the Universal Playground a reality!