All Seasons Arena

Mandan’s Pepsi All Seasons Arena, a former hockey arena, was converted into gymnasiums that meet the city’s indoor recreational needs mainly for the park and school districts to utilize. The facility is owned by Mandan Park District but is on the school district's property. The park and school district have a 50/50 partnership sharing renovation costs and time in the facility. The arena has two multipurpose courts and one wood court. The multipurpose flooring has striping for volleyball, basketball, soccer and tennis. Batting cages were also installed above the west multipurpose court. The locker rooms have been updated to fit wrestling and sub varsity game needs. The goals of this renovation were to maximize the usage of the facility and provide more recreational opportunities for all ages. Pepsi All Seasons Arena will be available to the public to rent beginning in May 2018.


The Mandan Pepsi All Seasons Arena is located at 905 9th St NW.

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